Friday, January 18, 2008

January Mid Month KAL and Daily Happenings

I wanted to show the colors I chose for this mid month Jan. KAL to my fellow "KAL-ites"(and anyone else who is interested!). :) It is a verigated with pink, tan and cream. I really like it and it was on sale! I am glad I like it because it gave me the determination to keep at this cloth despite pulling out rows 3 times and then finally starting all over! But, I prevailed and hopefully through great caution will finish this smoothly!

We finally got out Rachel's sewing machine and she got to try it today. I was waiting for Robin to be home. I didn't understand how to thread it or even how to GET to the bobbin! Yeah, I am not very mechanical! Someone gaves us this machine and I have been saving it for her. She did one puzzle from her Sewing Book and then just played with material and drew out/sewed a little skirt for her doll. I promised her that I would try to find some free doll patterns online this weekend. Here she is, at work for the first time on her sewing machine.

I had to include this. Our dog never ceases to crack us up! He is so good with the kids and keeps them company, going from person to person all day! Here he is, so interested in Christian's game. You never have to worry about being lonely with Dash around! :)

What's going on at your house today?


Bren said...

The yarn reminds me of ice cream! The cloth will be beautiful.
How exciting for your daughter to sew on a machine!!!

Deb said...

The colors remind me of ice cream, too. I've been looking for these colors, but my LYS doesn't carry much variety.

I love the story about your dog. We used to have a beagle-terrier, he was a real cut-up & he loved people so much. We were never bored or lonely when he was around.

Karen T. said...

Hi Bren and Deb! Thanks so much for visiting!! No wonder I like this color so much...I love ice cream!!! LOL!!

Deb I had a beagle as a child. :) I do love my dear dog. :)
Have a great weekend! Karen T.