Sunday, January 06, 2008

January Knit Along

This is my "Craft Season" of the year. It runs from January through May, but especially from Jan. through March. Nothing beats the winter blues like planning lots of fun projects to complete. Maybe this year will be the year I make lots of Christmas gifts ahead, we'll see, there is always hope! HAHA!

The above is the January Dishcloth Knit Along. It's fun to get the rows each day and try to guess what it will become. This month's, if you can't tell by the picture, is a football. The recommended color was brown but I had blue on hand so my football is blue! It's an "impressionist" football, heehee.

:) So...crafting is my "winter sport". What's yours?


DawnK said...

It looks great in blue!

Karen T. said...

Thank you Dawn! :) Karen T.

Gina said...

Hey Karen!

I love the blue! How cute~
I have wanted to learn how to knit and quilt for many, many years! Our 1st grandbaby will be born in July~ I'd love to make a quilt or blanket for it!

I saw your little baby in the post below... is it a Shih Tzu? We had a Shih Tzu for 14 years! They are a wonderful breed!

In Christ,

The Christian Homekeeper said...

I really admire your craftiness! It looks very nice, Karen.

I'd love for you to come to my house for a few days and teach me how wto knit!


Denise said...

I love crafting in the winter, too! And spring! And summer! And, now that I think of it, fall, too! :-)

Sewing, Stamping and crochet are my current crafting choices. I used to quilt and cross-stitch but that takes more time and focus than I seem to have right now. I was really admiring your lovely quilt blocks - great job!

I'm also a Christian homeschooling mom - four children - homeschool three of them - and they're about the same ages as yours. Except I'm on the other end of the country - California - and there are no icicles in sight in my neck of the Delta!

Very nice to "meet" you!

Karen T. said...

Hi Denise! Thank you for visiting!! It is nice to "meet" you too. I hope you will come back again for a visit! Karen T.

Anonymous said...

i love the football in blue. i see yours is a rectanble as well. btw, i love your blog.

Karen T. said...

Thank you Gail!! That is very encouraging!! Karen T.