Sunday, January 06, 2008

I am Thankful for a Chapter a Day

When I was in college my English professor encouraged me and all of her students to always be reading a chapter a day in a book that is meant for pure enjoyment. She told us that this would help to keep alive our love for reading. I do enjoy my "chapter a day." Today, on my thankfulness list, is the fact that I have one book I am reading and one waiting in the wings to be read. You see, I am sort of a fast reader and it is hard to keep myself "with a book." Often I will say to my husband, "well I am officially bookless!!"

Recently I have been reading books by Karen Kingsbury. I have enjoyed these fictional, Christian books. Three of her series' are linked to each other and I am on the third. I have read the "Redemption Series" and the "Firstborn Series" and now I am on the "Sunrise Series." There are only two of these books in print and then I will have to wait for the last two that are due out this spring. So...I am taking my time to read them or alas, I shall be bookless again!! ;)

I would love to hear recommendations for your favorite Christian fiction series. I fear I will soon be looking... But for now I am so thankful to have a book in my hands!


~ Laurie said...

I LOVE Beverly Lewis' series!

And a great non-fiction that I just completed last night that I found to be spectacular was "It's All About Him" by Denise Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Have you read any of the Sisterchick novels by Robin Jones Gunn? They are really good! The first one is titled "Sisterchicks on the Loose". Enjoy!

Nicole aka nicoleh

Karen T. said...

Hi Laurie and Nicole! Thank you for the suggestions. I will look those up! Love, Karen T.

Lori4squaremom said...

Oh, Karen, aren't those 3 series' by Karen Kingsbury so sweet? I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed them! I share books with a few friends (one of our friends buys them, and we all pass them around) and we fight over the next KK book each time they come out!

I can't wait for the next one :)

I also really enjoy Beverly Lewis, Robin Jones Gunn, Jeanette Oke....oh, so many :)

I alternate between modern day Christian fiction and historical Christian fiction. Oh! Another author and series that I would recommend is Francine Rivers, and she has 2 different series about some of the men and women of the bible. One of the books in the women's series is called "Unashamed" and one of the books in the men's series is called "The Warrior". You'll have to look on CBD for the names of the series (I'm so bad about titles of books, songs, book series!, etc.....but I do remember those two titles :))

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love knowing that there are actually real people reading it :)

Love and many blessings!

1to1 said...

I haven't received the final rows for my dishcloth yet.

I enjoy reading Kingsbury and I've had that book to read for months along with several others. I don't read half as much since I started knitting in 2005.

Carla aka 1to1, k1c2

Karen T. said...

Hi Lori and Carla! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment to let me know you were here!!

Lori, I will look up your book suggestions, thanks so much! I have read much J. Oke over the years but not the other 2 authors you mentioned. :)

Carla, well with knitting the benefit is really having more to show for it! But I do love my "one ch. a day!" :)

BunnyStamping said...

I am so glad you liked the football pattern! ;)

Karen T. said...

Yes, I LOVE the football pattern!! :)
Karen T.

Maggie Ann said...

Karen K. is my daughter's favorite author...mine is Lynn Austin. I have recently read other others like Cathy Hake I've enjoyed very much....=)