Monday, January 14, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Ugly!

When the weather looks like this (beautiful to me but ugly to the ones who shovel!):

Well, then Robin must work from home and join the homeschoolers at the table (the good):

And there is no where to go so mom has time to knit (the VERY good!!). Now these two pics are actually what I accomplished over the weekend...though I have started another today. Anywho, the first is a lighthouse and the second is the state of Maine with the lettering "ME" on the side. (You can find these and other great free patterns at Knitting Nonsense

Now here's the ugly! I had time to bake so seeing as we are having company tomorrow night, I decided to have choc. chip cookies as sandwiches with ice cream in the middle. Well, let's just say that I will likely serve something else for dessert! First I was reading the wrong recipe as there are 3 are on the bag so I used too much sugar. Then I don't know what else happened except I do think I overbeat them. I had a horrible time getting them off my well seasoned stones. But, the kids are very glad to eat my "mistakes!"

I do like to show my failures as well as my successes. Too often young homemakers are discouraged because they see THEIR failures but no one else's failures. But isn't life about both? Failures like a ruined cookie or a crooked sewn seam or a few rows of knitting that must be torn out are things I try not to get too upset over. It is all a part of the process. It's best to learn and move on!! :)


Jen S said...

Please keep your snow. We in PA don't want it. It does look like a cozy time inside.


Maggie Ann said...

Chocolate never goes to waste no matter what it looks like...=). Love the lighthouse! Good for you...getting to knit. Mine is in the closet waiting for me...=)

Maggie Ann said...

Thanks Karen for the dishcloth link. I think I will try making one...=) I've gotten away from my knitting with Christmas things. Better run, hubby is waiting on me to go. Have a nice day, stay cozy!

Denise said...

Hi Karen!

Your knitting looks great! The one thing I've never quite managed to get a hold of -- I love all types of hand/needlework , but knitting has always been beyond my grasp. sigh :-( Such lovely things to knit, too.

And thank you for showing the not so picture perfect cookies. My friend makes great ones - she freezes the dough as little balls and then bakes them. Mine always turn out flat, flat, flat -- she said I need to add more flour. I'll have to try another batch soon to see if it works!
Yes, not everything is perfect and it is important to realize that even the best, most experienced baker has an off day where the cake is crooked or the cookies are flat! Thankfully, our LORD is always perfect!
Enjoy your snow and your family!

The Christian Homekeeper said...

Oh Karen, please DO send some snow our way. We are snow deprived. I think its been about 3-4 years since we had any appreciable accumulation.
I so enjoyed peeking into your snowy day at home, it is so cozy and chocolatey! LOL!