Sunday, January 27, 2008

Show 'n Tell and other Weekend Happenings

Here it is! This is Quilt Square #10 from
Crazy Mom Quilts., I finally pulled everything out so I could complete it! Now I'll keep it out and hopefully do one more square tomorrow.

I might have had this square done yesterday but I got obsessed with designing my own dishcloth. Hopefully it will be ready to share either tomorrow or Tuesday by the latest.

We had a good weekend. I hate to see it end. Yesterday Robin did all the running around with the kids so that I could have a day at home. It was downright luxurious! Today, we woke to snow. However, since Tyler was due to be baptized at church today we still went. Besides the fact that it was a great service, I cannot even begin to express what a thrill it was to see my firstborn son baptized!

It seems like yesterday he was a newborn and I was offering him to the Lord and asking the Lord to reach down and save my dear son. My biggest prayer is that all three of my children would put their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. I want them to be in Heaven for eternity with me and their dad!!

As I watched Tyler step into the baptismal tank and tell everyone in church that he had put his faith in Christ, I had a full circle moment. I will be forever grateful to God for answering this particular prayer! I was so overwhelmed by the fact that what I had hoped for, wished for, prayed for and dreamed about had come to fruition!! God is so good and His mercy endures forever! Hallelujah!!!


Denise said...

Rejoicing with you for Tyler!
Your quilt block in great - I've never seen one with the corners done like that - I like it!
And how wonderful that you got a day at home alone. A treat, indeed.

The Garrett's said...

I'm so happy for your family about your special weekend. I enjoy reading your blog!

Angela (T2CHK)