Monday, May 21, 2007

Dishcloth Mania...The Beginning!!

This dishcloth was my weekend project. What fun it was!! The lighting in my picture isn't the best but hopefully you see the sun design in it. It is really a "square" not a dishcloth as I will be using it in a blanket. Hmmmm...wonder how many it will take to make a queen size blanket?!! Yikes, better not think that far ahead!
Robin's idea is to use the same "Sun" design and do yellow and white squares. But I might use other nautical designs and see what he thinks of that. I know I found a sailboat one. This is going to be a fun project for summer. They are small and easy to take along with me! YAY!


Christianhomekeeper said...

You are truly talented! Are you really going to make a blanket?

Karen T. said...

Sylvia, I truly hope I do! That is the goal. Those dishcloths are pretty easy to pump out and I spend alot of time taking the kids to their activities and waiting...or at night when the TV is on I like to knit. So we'll see. I really hope I can stick to it and do it. I have always wanted to, I love the feel of a cotton blanket! :)