Monday, May 21, 2007

Marvelous Monday's Musings

The picture above is a scene in Maine. It is a pretty typical scene for me, lots of trees and lakes. Recently the children and I were priviledged to hear a speaker from the Maine Forestry Dept. He surprised us all when he told us that 90% of the state of Maine is covered in trees!! I believe Maine has the largest percentage of trees of any state in the USA. No wonder I am constantly pulling saplings out of my gardens!!
Speaking of my home front, this is our last week of formal schooling before summer break! HOORAY!! Mom is more ready than the kids are. This last week is a light week as many subjects are finished. Therefore the kids are helping me finish any spring cleaning that did not happen as well as preparing the house for summer, inside and out.
Today we tidied and they dusted the downstairs furnitures, radiators, lamps, etc. While the younger two dusted, Tyler helped me clean out and scrub out the refrigerator. It shines like new now!
Tomorrow, I hope to finish decluttering our sunroom, wash the glass sliders as well as the door into the house. Then, once we drop Tyler off for baseball, Christian and Rachel and I will take advantage of a store sale for summer clothes.
Wednesday I hope to clean and declutter the bedrooms. Thursday I hope to get the lawn mowed and raked. Friday I hope to buy my annuals and get them planted as well as deep clean the bathrooms. Then over the weekend I would like to plant some veggies. We will see about that as my raised gardens need repairing first. We also need to install the air conditioners and move furniture and bookshelves around to prepare for summer company.
Memorial Day is Monday which is the official start of the summer season in Maine! These are the days I was dreaming about in the midst of February. It is here, praise the Lord!!

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