Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pleasure Reading

I don't get much time for reading for pleasure during our school year. Added, at times I am a bit sick of reading after reading all day. I had a college professor that always encouraged her students to "read at least one chapter a day for sheer pleasure." I kept up that habit pretty well for a number of years but have let it slide the past couple of years.

Well, during a trip to Walmart I decided it was time to find a "pleasure book" again. So I found this book, "The Beach House," by Sally John. I have not heard of her before but was attracted to it because (1) It is not a love story, (2) It had the word "Beach" in it (*smile), (3) It is about the friendships of women. Now I have nothing against love stories (so long as they are Christian stories) except that they are a tad predictable.

I would love to find a book series that I would love as much as I loved "The Stonewycke Trilogy" by Judith Pella and Michael Phillips. That is my favorite Christian fiction series of ALL TIME. And I love anything by Lisa Bergren. My only complaint with Lisa's books is that she is a fast read and the books don't last long enough! :) It's hard to find truly heart moving books!!

If anyone has favorites to suggest I would love to hear about them!

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wardeh said...

Hi, Karen,

Right now I am reading "The Silver Chalice" by Thomas B. Costain. It is an old book. I don't know how to describe it. I would say it is historical fiction of the early NT church, but fascinating. Some ideas I wonder if they really came from the Bible, if not, then where? I have read it before, but not this critically.

Another favorite is an old book -- "Desiree" by Anne Marie Selenko. Desiree is the jilted love of the great Napoleon. This is another historical fiction that is one of my all time favorites. Not Christian. This is a book you won't be able to put down.

One of my favorite contemporary Christian books is "The Last Sin Eater" by Francine Rivers. It is about to be released as a movie this month. There is a community of people who don't know about Jesus' death and the resulting forgiveness of sin. Instead they sacrifice one of their own to live in seclusion and be The Sin Eater -- he eats a plate of provided food at any funerals, thus eating the deceased's sins and cleansing that person of sin. A young girl desperately wants to be freed of her sins while she is alive and her search for forgiveness brings Jesus to the community (much more to the story than I can write here).

These are some of my favorites. :D

Love, Wardeh

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen
I have been having trouble posting on your blog for some time, maybe this will work!
I loved the Stonewyke Trilogy! I have not seen it in years though. I'd love to find it and let my oldest daughter read them. Thanks for reminding me of theme!


Karen T. said...

Yay! Sylvia, it worked!

Wardeh, I'll have to look for those books! Thanks for the recommendations! Love, Karen