Thursday, May 03, 2007

Misery's Company

It's May. Everyone's tired and ready for summer break. We have been feeling this particularly in Math. It's nearing the end of the book, the equations take a bit of perserverance. I find that we need to "change it up" every once in awhile, especially for my 8th grade Pre Algebra son.

For awhile he was working out his equations on a grease board. That helped for a time and he still does this sometimes. But we needed to go to extra lengths.

So, now I work the problem on the grease board while he works the problem on paper. We can laugh when mom makes a mistake. He is not so upset when he makes a mistake (since mom has her own problems *smile*). There is a "we're in it together" feel, KWIM? I suppose I could even argue that he gets even more Math practice by correcting MY equation!

I am not quite sure why I thought of this new approach. Perhaps it is God hearing my cry and giving me another idea that works. I rely heavily on God to lead me through homeschooling ("If a man lacks wisdom, let him ask..."). But it certainly fits the old adage of "misery loves company" or "weep with those who weep"; I am simply "doing Math with those who do Math!"

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